In Other News: Reedsy Discovery Review

In Other News by Dale Robbins

Reedsy Discovery Review

Dale Robbins sets up a premise that, in our world of greed and narcissism, is all too familiar. Except the narrative of Rape seen ‘In Other News’ is focused around a man, something we don’t see written about quite as much, but one that enables the story to delve into several facets of the flaws of the American justice system, culture and also that of our entire world systems.

The book does not try to flower over too many gory details so a dose of caution is advised, but the severity and reality of these issues are important to stay aware of. ‘In Other News’ discusses mass media and their relation to influencing high profile cases. It discusses the high school hierarchical structures that enable popular cisgender white men and more to get away with anything (remember Brock Turner?) and riles us into a state of care.

What also sets ‘Robbins’ novel apart from others like it – although all are important – is that it doesn’t feel glorified. Perhaps a controversial statement to say but there are many films, shows and books that take a topic purely because of its relevance and, quite frankly, its ‘clout’ and make it pure entertainment, as opposed to commentary. Yet ‘In Other News’ is different. It’s authentic, personal and from the heart. It bleeds sympathy and drips with anger. I found myself frustrated and heartbroken at several moments and wanted to see justice served.

The only thing I struggled with is the dialogue. At points, it’s very natural and colloquial and keeps the reader believing in the world. At other points, however, it feels a little too ‘on-the-nose’ and expositional; as though Robbins is himself making a statement and the character is his vessel. Such a technique is fine in many cases, but is a little too much from time to time.

‘In Other News’ is, by all accounts, a very worthwhile book and one that deserves to be in the public eye as much as possible. Not just for its excellent descriptive ability, or for its authenticity but, most importantly, for what it stands for and what it successfully demonstrates: Our world is systemically flawed to ignore victims and that needs to change.

Liam Xavier, Reedsy Discovery
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In Other News: Literary Titan Review

In Other News by Dale Robbins

Literary Titan Review

In Other News by Dale Robbins is a sensational fiction story following Marlon Woods, a college student who is the victim of a sexual assault at an off-campus party. The person accused of the crime is Parker Sullivan, the quarterback on the Pine State University football team and son of a former Washington governor. When video of the incident is posted on the internet, some people believe Marlon’s account, while others call him a liar. After being away for the summer, Marlon is back on campus surrounded by whispers and hostility from Parker’s friends. As the trial date approaches, will people believe the truth so that Marlon can receive justice? Or will he be victimized again?

Take a provocative story line and add Dale Robbins compelling writing style and you get a story that is absolutely enthralling. The story is told from Marlon’s point of view, allowing the reader to see everything he sees and experience the raw emotion that he feels as he tries to find a way to live with what happened to him. Although it is a fictional story, it portrays a grim reality. I admired the strength and courage Marlon showed, not only by returning to the university, but also by holding his head up and not allowing the stares and whispers and bullying to stop him from continuing to live his life. I loved the note Marlon wrote to his future self.

The characters in this book, love them or hate them, were exceptionally well developed. I liked Marlon’s friend, Anna. She stood by him when so many others turned their back on him or bullied him. Despite the book’s dark themes of sexual assault, suicide, and bullying, the humorous interactions between Anna and Marlon provided a bit of levity as a counterpoint. Anna’s loyalty to Marlon never wavered, in contrast to Quinn. I felt he could have been a much better friend to Marlon while he was trying to deal with the trauma he’d suffered. I understand why Quinn was upset, but he reacted pretty harshly, and I thought that he could’ve been more sympathetic toward what Marlon was going through and cut him some slack.

Although I enjoyed the book, I found the ending a bit confusing. It was not clear to me what will come next for Marlon, though it was apparent that he had specific plans in mind. Hopefully, all the lingering questions from this story will be answered in the next book, In Other Cases.

In Other News will make you think about the pain others have experienced–and the pain that will continue to claim new victims until there is a massive shift in thinking and much-needed changes to our justice system. In Other News is a thought-provoking novel that is consistently entertaining.

Literary Titan
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In Other News: Readers’ Favorite Review

In Other News by Dale Robbins

Readers’ Favorite Review

Though this is unusual for me to do in a book review, I’m going to begin with my gut response on closing the novel In Other News by Dale Robbins: YES! Thank goodness another author is addressing not one, but several serious issues facing young people…and even older ones…today. Through the protagonist, Marlon Woods, a young gay man who is brutally raped by a drunken but “straight” fellow student at a party one night, Dale Robbins explores the reality so many victims of sexual abuse face when they find the courage to report the rape. They hope the justice system will convict the rapist. But, as the majority of victims who press charges and eventually go to trial sadly find out, victims rarely get the hoped-for justice.

While exploring the roller-coaster of emotions Marlon experiences after the rape, Dale Robbins also addresses the psychology of a victim trying to get back on his feet by getting over the embarrassment, the shame, the humiliation of being recognized…thanks to copious press coverage…and the crude bullying to which he is subjected by the rapist’s supporters. In book notes, Dale Robbins makes it clear he is all too familiar with Marlon’s story. In Other News will appeal primarily to young adult readers. It is written using the language, dialogue, settings and social pastimes of today’s college students. The story flows well and allows readers to draw their own conclusions about the characters and events. Trust me: this novel will leave you thinking about a number of social issues. We need more books like this. Thanks for writing it, Dale.

Viga Boland, Readers’ Favorite
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In Other News: Second Edition

I have some super exciting news to share with you: the second edition of In Other News is out now! I secretly worked on it for the past four months and am happy to have it out into the world again.

To celebrate its re-release, both the Kindle and paperback editions are discounted on Amazon.

Amazon: In Other News: Kindle (currently $0.99, free on Kindle Unlimited)
Amazon: In Other News: Paperback (currently $12.25)

In Other News by Dale Robbins

Would you whisper your deepest, darkest secret into the living room of every house in America?

Marlon Woods is the name on the lips of every sensationalist newscaster in the country. The Pine State University sophomore is now known for surviving a horrific sexual assault at the hands of Parker Sullivan, star quarterback and son of a former Washington governor. After vanishing for the summer, school is back in session, and Marlon must endure the ridicule and speculation of his cruel classmates. The trial date is fast approaching, and Parker stands accused of committing the most heinous crime in the university’s history. Every pixel of Marlon’s assault is available at the click of a button, but many questions still remain unanswered. The world is dying to know the truth. Forced to face his biggest fears under the watchful eye of the hungry media, Marlon is ready to show the world he is more than just a headline.

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In Other News: Reviews

In Other News has been out for over a month now, and the last few weeks have been nothing short of life changing. I’ve received messages, tags, and reviews from people all over the world who have connected with my book—a story I wrote all on my own—and the heartwarming, butterflies-in-my-stomach sensation never ceases to blow me away.⁣

No words can describe how much it means to have people read my book, let alone enjoy it. When I was writing and editing In Other News, there were times when I would just close my eyes, think ahead to this day, and dream of a stranger reaching out to me to say they enjoyed my characters. And here I am, and it feels so surreal.⁣

I’d like to think of myself as an optimistic person on the outside but I am sometimes guilty of beating myself up over the small stuff. But I’m really proud of myself for how this all came together. And I’m forever grateful for everyone who has read my book thus far. Your kind words and feedback have changed my life.⁣

Too often, we focus on our shortcomings more than our successes. Don’t do that. Take a step back, be proud of all you’ve accomplished, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment. And don’t be afraid to share it with everyone else because you didn’t reach this point alone. Never forget the people who helped you along the way.⁣

Below are some of the reviews I’ve received for In Other News thus far.

Amy rated it

What an amazing and emotional book. I was blown away by the intense feelings and emotional angst and heartbreak. The ostracization and feelings of being an outcast. The instant judgment, the bullying, innuendo, the fear ripped at my heart and I cried. Ugly tears and my heart broke. This is not a happy ever after and I am sad because of it. You want the rainbow and the happy ever after and it isn’t real life and people live this every day. Thank you for writing this and sharing. It matters and makes a difference.

Kara rated it

I fell in love with Dale Robbins’ storytelling from the get go. His characters felt real, and their emotions grabbed me. Their dialogue, action, and thought drew me into the lives right away, investing me.

I thought I was just reading a good story, and at the end, I realized with surprising inevitability that I had participated in a movement of justice.

I can’t wait to see reform. I can’t wait to read more from Dale Robbins.

Sherry rated it

This was a compelling story about a sensitive topic. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days. It’s been a long time since I read a book that kept me so interested that I felt like I wanted to bring it to work with me so I could read more on my lunch hour. Dale Robbins is an excellent storyteller with vivid characters. I highly recommend you read this book!

Cathy rated it

A topic that I assume isn’t often talked about yet Dale Robbins has the bravery to bring it to the forefront. A young, new author with a bright future. I can’t wait to watch him grow and mature in to one of the great novelists of our time with his fresh, modern day views of the world we live in. The suspense builds slowly, but once it hits its stride, you won’t be able to put the book down!

Jennifer rated it

This one is a real page turner! Very well written, suspenseful, and kept me on my toes. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for wave of emotions and real subjects that are not talked about enough. Happy reading guys!

Kathi rated it
What an amazing book! I couldn’t stop reading it. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time! I don’t want to post any spoilers but I will say the topics of male sexual assault and bullying were heartbreaking to read about ! A must read and share so that these issues can be addressed and stopped!
Patti rated it

Marlon is having a hard time at school. With the trial coming up he is trying to get by but everyone has to talk and push the issue. Marlon deals with bullying and being attacked when he is in public. This is a very emotional story with real issues. This story shows how an abused person deals with his life. Marlon goes through life and is confronted by different people. How will the trial go? Who will win in the end? 

Colleen rated it

I was super excited to get my copy and when I received it, I didn’t want to put it down. It took me two sittings to finish, and it left me wanting more. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoy
books about real life situations. Dale touched on a very serious issue that many people do not talk about. Definitely sit down and read, you won’t be disappointed.

Sean rated it

What an amazing book!!!!

Author Dale Robbins pulls at your heart strings with this emotionally gripping read. The character development really allows you to get as close as humanly possible to a character that outside of Dale’s mind wouldn’t exist. You feel, you wonder, you cry and maybe even die a little inside when you realize just how accurate this writing is (especially when compared side by side to our current society). 

In Other News is about so much more than just characters, its a reflection of our culture, character and so much more. I am not one to spoil a book for others so I wont go into any details and I honestly wouldn’t want to because this is a book you have to experience. 

Dale has given this genre a soul and has written something about the LGBTQ that speaks to any and everyone willing to read.

Caroline rated it

Marlon is the victim of rape, and that’s just the beginning of his trauma. In Other News tackles a scourge of the justice system: the treatment of those brave enough to report sexual assault and the reliving of the nightmare through the bullying, disbelief and downright misinformation of others.

Robbins, unusually, has grounded the story from the point of view of the gay male victim, but, as a straight woman, I never felt any alienation or disconnect here, feeling empathy and sympathy for the horrors endured during and after the attack. 

The course of media intrusion, social media poison and the weight of statistics against justice should, rightfully, make any reader angry and Robbins manages this feat without ever resorting to being graphic.

For me, at least, it had the sense of being written for a younger audience and would work well as a way to begin the discussion in a college setting.

Not an easy read, but a necessary and timely one.

Nicholas rated it

Dale Robbins has perfectly encapsulated what I always wanted to say about the horrors of the justice system when it comes to sexual assault victims. And to make what could have been a cut and dry statement about these injustices, Robbins did something even braver by anchoring it from the viewpoint of a gay character, but not at the expense of more traditional victims and by giving us a multi-faceted, complicated case which feels as real any story in the news.

This book is important. Without giving anything else away, I recommend it to readers of all ages, orientations and tastes. Once in a while, one book comes along that makes us question what side of the argument we’re on.

This is the one. Just get it.

Jessica rated it

I highly recommend this poignant book. Marlon’s experience is heartbreaking and his denial of justice is all too real. I read this entire book with a lump in my throat. My heart ached for Marlon, for all victims that are forced to endure the abuse, the public shaming, and bullying only to be revictimized by the travesty that is the ‘justice’ system. 

This timely story showcases perfectly how we as a society need to do better in the post #metoo era. We need to be better than this. We need to care. We need to believe. We need to support. This is happening all around us, and it must stop.

If a story of this magnitude is Dale Robbins’ debut, I can only imagine the exceptional work to come. 

Read this book.

Samantha rated it

This book was extremely emotional and poignant. Dale approached the topic of male sexual assault and was able to create a story that invokes rage, sadness and compassion for the victims. This should be a must read in all high schools and colleges to begin an open discussion on our justice system, reporting assaults and the outcome of victims lives. READ THIS BOOK!!!

Bre rated it

This is a novel the world needs. A story that is real and raw and everything in between. The cast of characters are class. There are ones I loved and ones I loved to hate. I loved how realistic all of them felt. Their actions, their words, were so believable. Marlon was the perfect MC–I loved hearing his own thoughts, and my only critique is that I wish the entire novel had been written from his perspective. I love that this book doesn’t have an “ideal” ending, because not every story is tied up with a pretty little bow. I thank Dale Robbins for that. He left us thinking, wondering, and that was beyond brilliant. Beautiful debut, from an amazing author. Well done!

Review by Amy Voltaire:

This book was hard to put down. I HAD to know what happened. I am so glad the author was brave enough to write this story. Too often, rape victims are blamed for being victims. “She dressed too provocatively,” is just one example. But what about when the victim is a gay male? Society has a LONG way to go with accepting homosexuality, and it’s even worse when a gay man is the victim of a sexual assault. In this story, the rapist was an all-star quarterback who came from a prominent family, and had a girlfriend. Because of the rapist’s social status, the victim, Marlon, was bullied and tormented, and many people did not believe him. They did not understand (as many people in real-life don’t understand) that rape is a crime of violence and just because a rapist is heterosexual, doesn’t mean he won’t rape someone of the same sex. This story brings the truth to light and exposes the hell that many rape victims endure, even long after the crime itself is over. I could see this being turned into a movie…it needs to be.
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In Other News: Book Trailer

The wait is over! The official book trailer for In Other News has arrived. This serves as a sample of what to expect from the book in terms of mood, setting, and story.

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In Other News: Paperback Available

In Other News by Dale Robbins

The paperback edition of In Other News is now available (again) on all major book retailer websites, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Pick up your copy today! Links are at the bottom of this post.

I am also excited to share two more incredibly reviews I received on Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased, read, and/or reviewed In Other News.

Lizeth rated it 
I am speechless… I don’t want to spoil the story so I’m just going to say that Dale Robbins is one hell of an author! The ending was realistic. One of my favorite books of the year no doubt.

Samantha rated it 
This book was extremely emotional and poignant. Dale approached the topic of male sexual assault and was able to create a story that invokes rage, sadness and compassion for the victims. This should be a must read in all high schools and colleges to begin an open discussion on our justice system, reporting assaults and the outcome of victims lives. READ THIS BOOK!!!

Here’s where you can purchase the book:

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In Other News: Out In 3 Days

In Other News by Dale Robbins

I can’t believe I’m writing this post right now. My first book, In Other News, comes out in 3 short days. It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to share this story with the world.

Yesterday, I received some exciting news—my first two ARC reviews were posted to Receiving this overwhelmingly positive feedback warmed my heart, as this is what all authors hope and pray for while writing their books.

Amy rated it 
What an amazing and emotional book. I was blown away by the intense feelings and emotional angst and heartbreak. The ostracization and feelings of outcast. The instant judgement, the bullying, innuendo, the fear ripped at my heart and I cried. Ugly tears and my heart broke. This is not a happy ever after and I am sad because of it. You want the rainbow and the happy ever after and it isn’t real life and people live this everyday. Thank you for writing this and sharing. It matters and makes a difference.

Iona Wayland rated it 

This book bravely talks about what society would rather ignore.

If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, check out the links below.

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In Other News Website

The website for my debut novel, In Other News, is live now! Check it out to learn more about the book and its characters.

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