In Other News: Paperback Available

In Other News by Dale Robbins

The paperback edition of In Other News is now available (again) on all major book retailer websites, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Pick up your copy today! Links are at the bottom of this post.

I am also excited to share two more incredibly reviews I received on Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased, read, and/or reviewed In Other News.

Lizeth rated it 
I am speechless… I don’t want to spoil the story so I’m just going to say that Dale Robbins is one hell of an author! The ending was realistic. One of my favorite books of the year no doubt.

Samantha rated it 
This book was extremely emotional and poignant. Dale approached the topic of male sexual assault and was able to create a story that invokes rage, sadness and compassion for the victims. This should be a must read in all high schools and colleges to begin an open discussion on our justice system, reporting assaults and the outcome of victims lives. READ THIS BOOK!!!

Here’s where you can purchase the book:

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