In Other News: Reedsy Discovery Review

In Other News by Dale Robbins

Reedsy Discovery Review

Dale Robbins sets up a premise that, in our world of greed and narcissism, is all too familiar. Except the narrative of Rape seen ‘In Other News’ is focused around a man, something we don’t see written about quite as much, but one that enables the story to delve into several facets of the flaws of the American justice system, culture and also that of our entire world systems.

The book does not try to flower over too many gory details so a dose of caution is advised, but the severity and reality of these issues are important to stay aware of. ‘In Other News’ discusses mass media and their relation to influencing high profile cases. It discusses the high school hierarchical structures that enable popular cisgender white men and more to get away with anything (remember Brock Turner?) and riles us into a state of care.

What also sets ‘Robbins’ novel apart from others like it – although all are important – is that it doesn’t feel glorified. Perhaps a controversial statement to say but there are many films, shows and books that take a topic purely because of its relevance and, quite frankly, its ‘clout’ and make it pure entertainment, as opposed to commentary. Yet ‘In Other News’ is different. It’s authentic, personal and from the heart. It bleeds sympathy and drips with anger. I found myself frustrated and heartbroken at several moments and wanted to see justice served.

The only thing I struggled with is the dialogue. At points, it’s very natural and colloquial and keeps the reader believing in the world. At other points, however, it feels a little too ‘on-the-nose’ and expositional; as though Robbins is himself making a statement and the character is his vessel. Such a technique is fine in many cases, but is a little too much from time to time.

‘In Other News’ is, by all accounts, a very worthwhile book and one that deserves to be in the public eye as much as possible. Not just for its excellent descriptive ability, or for its authenticity but, most importantly, for what it stands for and what it successfully demonstrates: Our world is systemically flawed to ignore victims and that needs to change.

Liam Xavier, Reedsy Discovery

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